‘Do you fancy a coffee on the 15th September 2022?’

In day to day life, I like to think that I am fairly organised.

The bins go out the night before collection, the “bags for life” are waiting in the boot of the car ready for the weekly food shop, the window cleaner’s money is tucked away in the kitchen cupboard awaiting next months visit, there is a spare set of marigolds under the sink for when the bread knife obliterates the current pair, and so on and so forth.

This, I thought to myself, would be easy enough to transfer over to my new role as ‘Mama’. I certainly wouldn’t be late for coffee dates or doctors’ appointments.  That’s just not like me.

In my head, I was going to use cloth nappies. I was going to breastfeed. I was going to sleep train. I was going to use dummies for self-soothing. It was all planned out, I was going to fall into this motherhood thing and I was going to land on my feet. You’d see me in the supermarket, Winnie in one hand, meticulously planned weekly meal menu in the other, sweeping through the aisles in search of a light accompaniment to my lobster bisque.

Turns out, babies are unpredictable. Who knew?

At first, it took a while to adjust. I was so used to everything being in a set routine, that I found myself panicking at the lack of control I now had over my own life.

But now, it’s beginning to get better. 

That’s right. Four months in, and I am managing to slip in some sort of organisation here and there.

I may not be using cloth nappies or dummies. I may not be sleep training. I may not even be entirely sure what I’m going to buy everyone for Christmas in 2018 – but that’s okay. 

Winnie is a little whirlwind already, and I am enjoying seeing where each day takes us. I even enjoy the element of surprise!

Well, unless it involves a nappy of course.












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