‘I could’ve learnt Portuguese, but all I did was lactate’

I won’t bore you with the details, but my brief hiatus in the blogging world has been tough. Really tough. A hefty health scare, general bad luck and a few mama mishaps have found their way into daily life and have left me feeling somewhat fragile.

Now that I am back however, I have chosen this post to give a quick overview on the developmental changes we have made over the past two months (I use the collective ‘we’, however bar managing to cut down the baking time on a set of raspberry and white chocolate muffins so that they don’t resemble the consistency of bread, I myself have yet to perfect any new life skills).

Tomorrow Winnie will turn one. One! One whole year old. I often try and think about what I might be able to do in the space of a year. Train for a marathon? Learn to play the guitar? Write a novel? All of these wonderful and momentous things that take a years worth of dedication to perfect, and yet I feel as though I have blinked and twelve months have passed. I went to sleep with a newborn and woke up with a toddler. Ay caramba.

Still a fan of music, cheese, breastmilk, general dogs, walking and Bargain Hunt, but still not keen on sleeping in her own bed, being in a pushchair, mushrooms, men, (and most recently) people trying to touch her shoes, Winnie is thriving (tantruming, yet thriving) and I just burst with pride whenever I see her.

I return to work in three weeks and am dreading leaving her for two days. Though I know she is safe, secure and very much entertained with her nana/nanny, it doesn’t take away the guilt that I feel for not being there for her 24/7. What if she falls over and grazes her knees? What if she gets scared and wants a mummy cuddle? What if no one else understands that her interpretation of blowing a kiss involves repeatedly smacking herself in the face? I am hoping that in time this will become easier and that she will flourish with a little taste of independence.

I aim to pick up where we left off, and fill in any gaps that I have missed along the way.

So, now that we are formally reintroduced, shall we begin again?

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