Dear friend…

Dear Friend,

I’m sorry that I missed you
I’m sorry that I lied
Your birthday card was 10 days late, but please know I really tried.

I’m sorry that your distant, that you think that I don’t care
That I shouted “see you later”…but then failed to meet you there.

I’m sorry that I missed you
I’m sorry I didn’t call
It’s not that I don’t want to chat, I just haven’t the time is all.

I’m days behind on laundry
The sinks full to the brim
The post is stacked in piles
The bathrooms looking grim

I’m juggling a hefty load,
I just want to explain,
I won’t always forget to text
I’ll be there soon again.

You see I’ve only got a minute
Then I’ll blink and she’ll be grown
Moving on to pastures new, and leaving me at home.

The days are sweeping past me, and I’m caught up in the bliss
So I’m sorry for missing all of that
…as I soak up all of this ❤️

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