You’re my everyday adventure

I cradle you at bedtime,
I reach for you at dawn,
and though my eyes are bleary,
my arms are always warm.

I help you build brick towers,
I catch you on the slide,
we play with paint and stickers,
and I find you when you hide.

We bake and jump in puddles,
you splash me in the bath,
and I feel my heart rejoicing,
each time I hear you laugh.

I notice every chance you take.
every journey that ensues,
and I follow your tiny footsteps,
as you walk the path you choose.

I am your mother; your protector,
but you my darling are my guide,
teaching me things about the world,
with big eyes, so fresh and wide.

You’re my every day adventure,
you’re my wildest dream come true,
and with every breath I’m taking,
I’m living just for you

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