Let them be little, let them be free

Bottle or breast
It’s not up to me
whether you feed them your chips
or some mango purée

If you let them watch YouTube
or teach them some French
Let them snooze in a Bugaboo
or in the park on a bench

Whether you allow them to run
or ask them nicely to sit
Shout when they’re naughty
or explain calmly “don’t hit”

If you dress them in Zara
or charity threads
Let them co-sleep
or build them bunk beds

You do what you do
with best interests at heart
and sadly that is the beauty
that tears us apart

For we shouldn’t be battling
this war it must cease
for division is the motive
of the ‘mighty mum police’

Deep down we’re the same,
and when all’s said and done
it becomes rather lonely
if you can’t have some fun

If you don’t have some friends
to open up to with issues
so let’s swap judgement for kindness
…and defiance for tissues

I raise my cold, stale and flat cup of tea
as a white flag of surrender
to all mums around me

Let them be little
Let them be free
and just do what you’re doing mama…
It’s alright by me <3

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