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‘Do you fancy a coffee on the 15th September 2022?’

In day to day life, I like to think that I am fairly organised. The bins go out the night before collection, the “bags for life” are waiting in the boot of the car ready for the weekly food shop, the window cleaner’s money is tucked away in the kitchen cupboard awaiting next months visit, there is a spare set of marigolds under the sink for when the bread knife

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‘I didn’t think a parsnip would make such a good weapon’

There are some things that women warn you of when you are pregnant. General words of wisdom that only an experienced ‘new mum’ can offer. Basic guidance on feeding, sleeping, winding and such. Occasionally, even the odd anecdote on a particularly explosive nappy will find its way in. But, there are also some things that are missed. Things that I wish I had been prepared for. Things that I never

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